Music lessons at 716 Studios are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced musicians. We provide music education in the areas of percussion and drum set, guitar, piano, music theory, voice and stage presence. For teens or adults we also provide theater lessons.

For ages 5 and above, we offer 45 minute weekly private or group lessons. Tuition is $125/ month for private and $65/month for group lessons. For ages 5 and under, lessons are 30 minutes long and tuition is $100/month.

Our group lessons are split into two categories: band performance and instrument. 

  • In our band performance class, students learn how to communicate musically in order to play with other musicians. Students will learn performance techniques, songs, and how to hold rhythm or solo on each student's specific instruments.

The band performance class (minis or teens) meets for one and a half hours weekly and the cost is $95/month.

  • Our group instrument class specializes in using a team-oriented curriculum that helps each student learn the language of their choice instrument. Students will learn theory, technique, and tuning/maintenance of their instruments.