Our music school specializes in teaching private and group classes in theory, technique, and music communication for contemporary and classic rock, pop, punk, jazz, world, and R&B.

At 716 Studios we ensure that your child leaves every class feeling confident after a fun and inspiring lesson. Learning music makes children happy, improves their multisensory skills and helps them grow socially and academically.

 Our music lessons use a child's natural enthusiasm for movement and music as a way of cultivating skills that are necessary for individual development.

These skills are: 

    -Motor Control Skills, ie. the children learn how to move their large muscle motor groups and fine motor groups slow or fast.

     -Listening Skills, ie. the children are guided to notice different aspects of the music, and to pick up different rhythms or melody lines.

     -Memory Skills, ie. the children learn to remember various combinations within the duration of a song, and with repetition, they remember lyrics, melodies, and musical changes.

     -Cognitive Skills, ie. labeling, sorting, sequencing, comparing.

     -Rhythmic Skills, ie. the children learn musical beats, pulses, counting, etc. which supports the development of math skills.

     -Social/Emotional Skills, ie. through role playing, the children learn tools that encourage empathy for others.